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Our flight coordinator specialists carefully listen to our clients’ needs and assess each case to determine the best options and methods for safe transfer. We can arrange bedside-to-bedside air medical transportation based on the patient’s medical needs virtually anywhere in the world.

Always one step ahead, we make our clients planning fast, efficient, and economical. We treat each client like family and spend the time and resources necessary to match the best solution for each case scenario. We have combined the following advantages to maintain a higher quality medical transport service:

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Our flight coordinator specialists are assigned to each transport to monitor from start to finish. We have over 20 years of experience in successfully transporting patients worldwide. The years of experience in EMS, including fixed-wing air ambulance, ground ambulance, healthcare, and international logistics, allow us to offer quality air medical transportation services.

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Professional flight coordinator specialists await our clients’ calls 24/7. We are organized and detail-oriented, and we take the time to listen to our client’s needs, concerns, and circumstances carefully while also being prepared to provide the correct solution allowing for a stress-free air transportation experience.

When receiving a call, the client speaks directly to a highly trained flight coordinator specialist. We can coordinate and schedule transportation in the way the client prefers, either by phone, email, fax, text, or online.


We take the guesswork and intensive planning of looking for trustworthy, professional, quality providers, negotiating rates, scheduling, monitoring, and following up out of the equation.

With our Worldwide Network Alliance, Air Medical Transport offers fixed-wing air ambulance aircraft operators certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). In addition to our US-based providers, our Worldwide Network Alliance of quality international transport partners covers (but is not limited to) North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

We do this for our clients to obtain more options and can focus on what they do best for their patients, family members, and clients.

It’s all about the right quality service with aircraft availability and right positioning at the time of service.

Air Medical Transport offers many different aircraft options for each mission and route. Other companies will always provide their clients with the aircraft and service they exclusively handle, whereas we provide more options based on our client’s needs and requirements when choosing our service. 

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Here is a small example of why Air Medical Transport is an outstanding option for air medical transportation solutions worldwide: A US Citizen vacationing in Vienna, Austria (LOWW) had been recently hospitalized and stabilized with a fractured hip from a fall. He cannot safely fly via a commercial airline. His medical insurance does not cover his treatment overseas, and he is looking for a prompt air ambulance transport to his medical specialist for surgery in Los Angeles, CA (KLAX).

From the time a North American-based provider has the availability for transport. They will have to gather a rested team, dispatch the aircraft, fly out to position the plane, then rest the pilots and crew for at least 10 to 12 hrs. before being able to receive the patient in Vienna, Austria (LOWW) for transport. In theory, it can take them at least 48 to 72hrs to position the plane to receive the patient for transport. Based on the patient’s medical needs, requirements, and timing for each mission.

We provide our clients with all available options and utilize the best positioned, medically configured quality air carrier (holding EASA and FAA certificates issued under 14 CFR Part 135). Therefore, based on the availability. We could arrange any of our quality providers near Vienna, Austria (LOWW) that are much closer and can provide a much quicker response for this specific case.

Basic Life Support (BLS) includes the provision of basic medically necessary supplies and services with Emergency  Medical Technicians (EMTs). BLS requires knowledge and skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), using automated external defibrillators (AED), providing oxygen therapy, and relieving airway obstructions in patients of all ages.

BLS ambulance transports provide necessary pre-hospital, post-hospital, and non-emergency medical care transportation for critical, non-critical, and emergent patients not requiring cardiac monitoring. EMTs have the essential knowledge and skills needed to stabilize and safely transport patients ranging from non-emergency and routine medical transports to life-threatening emergencies. EMTs’ function as part of a comprehensive EMS response system, while under medical oversight. EMTs perform interventions with the necessary equipment typically found on an ambulance. EMTs are an essential link between the scene of an emergency as well as the health care system.

Everyday BLS transport situations include:

  • Medical and surgical patients not requiring advance interventions or cardiac monitoring
  • Discharge to home or sub-acute care facilities (nursing homes, rehabilitation, assisted living facilities)
  • Psychiatric patients not requiring chemical restraints

Most BLS Transports in the world, are capable of handling essential life support interventions. These interventions include but are not limited to; Manual resuscitation via bag valve mask, oxygen therapy via nasal cannula, mask, non-rebreather, nebulizer, standard suctioning, pulse oximetry, splinting, bandaging, spinal immobilization, and automated external defibrillation. BLS Transports do not include advance interventions such as advanced airway, mechanical ventilation, intravenous therapy, and cardiac monitoring.   EMTs’ capabilities on BLS transports may vary depending on the local laws established by each country and their state department of health laws where the transfer takes place.

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Our clients speak directly with a highly trained flight coordinator specialist rather than a call taker or a front desk receptionist when clients call us. Our team is qualified to understand our clients’ needs immediately and find more options with precise air transport solutions. We have mastered the complex variables that identify, coordinate, and organize ideal air medical transports. This advantage lets us ease unexpected financial surprises to our patients, families, and clients through good communication, a careful preventive approach, and an organized planning process. We offer customized solutions specifically for our clients.

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Clients can request a quote the way they like with an effective system designed to meet and exceed healthcare privacy and security standards. Our policy is continuously improving for Air Medical Transport to remain a premier service that is time-efficient and cost-effective. Our quote and booking request forms are easily accessible to all clients through the options of filling out both forms online or downloading a fillable booking form PDF, filling it out as needed, and then submitting it via email, text, or even WhatsApp. We at Air Medical Transport make the troublesome process of filling your information easily with our forms that autofill addresses across the globe.


With healthcare expenses increasing the strain on local financial resources, there is a growing demand to deliver a higher standard of clinical care while managing operations with precision and efficiency. Air Medical Transport is committed to providing High-Performance EMS flight coordination based on the following components:

  • Customer satisfaction with more air medical transport options
  • Precise medical coordination communications
  • Global Network Alliance of Part 135 FAA and EASA certified aircraft operators
  • Qualified EMS Providers with consistent response times
  • HIPPA Compliant; Protecting the patients’ information while coordinating each transport
  • EMS Logistic experience based on preventative approach and research
  • Over 200 languages on-demand over-the-phone interpretation capability for flight coordination
  • Cost-effectiveness
Air Medical Transport Quality Providers Worldwide Network Alliance
Air Medical Transport Air Transport Consultation


A patient’s care begins with the right care at the right time and having the patient arrive at their destination safely.

Air Medical Transport offers consulting services associated with domestic and international EMS transportation and air medical repatriations. This service includes the procurement of hospital beds, obtaining air and ground transportation quotes, coordinating international medical repatriations, and managing all the necessary details while communicating to everyone involved.

We pay strict attention to detail and make all the arrangements required for the patient’s transfer so that our clients will have peace of mind. Each case is managed to meet the patient’s specific medical equipment and personnel needs.


At Air Medical Transport, we provide air medical transportation management services to medical centers, hospitals, domestic and international agencies, private companies, and the public for private pay. We also offer these services for health plans, healthcare facilities, and government entities for out-of-pocket costs.

Safe, Easy Access to Air Medical Transportation Worldwide.  Our services are focused on our clients’ air transportation problems, aspirations and goals.

Air Medical Transport provides options and easy access to safe, convenient transportation via fixed-wing air ambulance, airline medical escort, and commercial airline medical stretcher transportation. These options offer cost-effective, reliable, responsive, and available solutions for quoting and booking.

Feel free to call one of our flight coordinator specialists 24/7 for any questions or to Request a Quote or Booking.


Our service is designed to provide worldwide quality transportation management, giving our clients many advantages over other providers. Being always one step ahead, we make planning efficient and economical. We treat each client like family and spend the time and resources necessary to match each case scenario with the best aeromedical options and solutions. We have combined the following advantages to maintain a higher quality air medical transport service:

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Offering clients practical convenience to obtain air medical quotes and submit booking requests.



Multilingual Professional Flight Coordinators await our clients’ calls 24/7.

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Efficient clinical communications with courteous and professional flight coordinators staying one step ahead.

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We synchronize air with ground transportation while keeping everybody well informed for seamless continuity of care.

worldwide access


We offer more options with our Global Network Alliance of FAA and EASA certified aircraft operators and quality providers.



We provide our clients and their loved ones peace of mind while saving precious time and money.


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Going through an insurance policy can be a daunting challenge. Too often, it leaves the client without a straightforward nor definitive answer whether an air ambulance is medically necessary and a covered guaranteed service. When other means of transport are contraindicated, and a patient needs air ambulance transportation for a medical necessity, the last thing a patient or family member wants to worry about is whether or not it will be covered under their medical insurance. 

When there is coverage for air ambulance transport, it is crucial to determine if the air ambulance is deemed medically necessary. Insurance companies will typically approve a claim to a higher level of care, closest available facility, or closest specialist by the most appropriate and least expensive mode of transport. Domestic private insurance companies typically do not cover international transportation or medical repatriation transport unless specifically included in the patient’s policy.

Preauthorization of Benefits

At Air Medical Transport, we always recommend having our billing specialist verify and obtain prior authorization from the private insurance before transport. This task sometimes takes days, depending on the medical necessity documentation provided and the processing speed of the insurance company. We understand that many times due to the necessity to transport urgently, this is not always practical and possible.

We can submit a formal pre-authorization when the following information from the sending or receiving facility is on hand:

  • Patient’s fact sheet with demographics and insurance information
  • Detailed and descriptive signed statement from the physician in charge delineating the medical necessity for an air ambulance to the specific destination facility and stating the medical reasons why other modes of transportation are contraindicated.
  • Certificate of medical necessity completed and documented form.
  • Sending physician and sending facility NPI numbers
  • Medical diagnostic ICD10 code number(s)
  • Any additional medical record confirming the medical necessity for air ambulance transport to the specific destination facility or specialist as opposed to the closest location with the appropriate bed availability.
Air Medical Transport Domestic International Capabilities

Our billing specialists perform the steps necessary to get air ambulance insurance reimbursements after the transport has taken place. If coverage is denied or only partially approved, our team has the expertise to appeal the insurance company’s decision. We will relentlessly continue to pursue payment until the end. At the same time, our clients can focus on their loved ones, not be distracted by insurance frustrations. If our clients have coverage in their policies and their trip was deemed necessary, rest assured that Air Medical Transport will protect their rights to air ambulance benefits!


In aviation, the term Empty Leg refers to a “repositioning flight” when the airplane and team are sent out from or back to its base without any passengers.

Like the example below: Someone booked an international air ambulance mission from Houston, TX (KHOU) to Rome, Italy (LIRF). After the transport in Rome, Italy, is completed, the returning flight leg from Rome, Italy (LIRF) back to base in Houston, TX (KHOU) becomes available for sale. In this case, the empty leg was the return flight from Rome, Italy (LIRF) to Teterboro, NJ (KTEB), which matched the planned route by 75%. After completing the second transport at Teterboro, NJ (KTEB), the team returns to base in Houston, TX (KHOU).

empty leg prog

The Empty Leg Program was designed to save our clients’ money. The extra discount for a booked empty leg will depend on how closely the empty leg matches the transportation needed. The closer to a perfect match, the higher the discount will be.

Air Medical Transport makes every effort to match a second patient for the same aircraft to return to the same origin or close to the planned repositioning route.

If a domestic or international air ambulance transport is not emergent and our client can provide a flexible date range for transportation, please let our flight coordinators know to include your information on our empty leg program. The empty legs usually become available on short notice, sometimes from 24 to 48hrs. If the route needed matches with a repositioning flight empty leg, our client could be getting a substantially discounted flight by booking a matching empty leg.