USA & Canada: +1-800-872-6667

International: +1-832-872-2222


How can I request a quote?

Air Medical Transport makes it practical to request a quote, pay, and schedule your domestic or international air ambulance transports. We offer options for secure communications and convenience via phone, text, WhatsApp, email, and online. See our request a quote here.

What is needed to obtain a basic quote?

We need to know the type of patient (pediatric, adult, bariatric), the patient’s condition, their medical needs, pick up and drop off address(es), and the estimated date for transport.

What is the process to schedule transport?

Step 1. Request a Quote
Provide the general details to obtain an air transport estimate.

Step 2. Agree & Pay for Transport
Once you’ve received a quote, pay for your transport, sign, and agree to the terms & conditions.

Step 3. Booking Request
Confirm the specific details and information for your air transport to be coordinated appropriately. Once you’ve paid and confirmed for your trip, a dedicated flight coordinator specialist will keep you updated via your preferred means of communication.

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What are your network capabilities?

We provide global patient air transportation services through strategic EMS systems and partnerships with networks of credentialed operators, air carriers, and healthcare providers throughout the world. In addition to our US-based providers, our worldwide network alliance of international transport partners covers (but is not limited to) North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Can I pre-schedule everything in advance and all online?

Yes, simply go to our site; You can request a quote, agree and pay, send your booking request electronically attaching all your documentation securely. You can also watch our service video here.

Do you have 24-7 support?

Yes, we have 24/7 dedicated flight coordinator specialists assigned to each case. We encourage everybody to call our flight coordinators at all times for any questions or concerns as air medical transports can be overwhelming. The best way to avoid any mistakes is having direct communication with your flight coordinator specialist and providing as much notice as possible with the right documentation for proper arrangements and a smooth coordination to take place.

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