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Air medical transportation for patients on a commercial airline’s first-class or business class passenger seat with a medical escort. The medical escorts are critical care nurses or flight paramedics trained to travel with patients on commercial flights. This type of non-emergency transport is one of the most economical compared with commercial stretcher or air ambulance transport. On-demand, medical escorts are equipped with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) approved by the FAA and allowed on commercial airlines flights to provide low flow oxygen via nasal cannula.

When quoting and booking with us, the patient’s comfort and safety are the priority

  • We arrange the entire logistics to anywhere globally with commercial airline flight availability.
  • We find the best available airline options to minimize flight time, stops, and layover times.
  • Patients receive expedited check-in and out services at the airport.
  • We look for the best first-class or business class seats available with easy access to exits and lavatories.
Air Medical Transport Medical Escort

Who can be a candidate for air transport with a medical escort?

  • Domestic and international stable patients who are fit-to-fly on an airline passenger seat.
  • A patient needs some assistance to ambulate and have good trunk control.
  • A patient who can sit and use a standard-size wheelchair.
  • A patient who is oxygen-dependent on low flow oxygen (1 to 3 liters per minute via nasal cannula).
Air Medical Transport Medical Escort 2 Not a Candidate

Who is not a viable candidate for air transport with a medical escort?

  • Patients that cannot safely be transported seated or do not fit on a standard-size airport wheelchair.
  • A patient who cannot sit at 90 degrees for the duration of take-off, landing, and airport check-in and out.
  • A patient unable to walk with one man’s assistance to enter a lavatory on a commercial flight.
  • A patient on isolation restrictions with anything contagious to the rest of the passengers.
  • A patient requiring any equipment restricted by the airline on regular passenger seats.

Feel free to contact us to verify if the patient can be a candidate for air transportation on a commercial passenger flight with a medical escort and obtain a free domestic or international bedside-to-bedside quote.

Our flight coordinators are available 24/7 to assist with any questions and book medical flights worldwide.