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Air patient care begins with assessing options that lead to the proper care at the right time with the right air medical transport service. 

At Air Medical Transport, organizing bedside-to-bedside safe transitions on all medical flights while keeping everybody involved well informed is crucial for the critical care continuum.

At Air Medical Transport, we understand how hard it can be to choose a quality air ambulance service that properly listens, understands, and advocate for its clients. A patient and family member may have just received life-changing news, and now they have to decide how to find critical care aeromedical transport for their loved one. Here are some of the reasons why Air Medical Transport is an outstanding choice for scheduled air medical transportation solutions:

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We pay strict attention to detail and make all arrangements required for each patient’s transfer so that our clients, caregivers, and family members have peace of mind. Our flight coordinator specialists have a great sense of urgency and work diligently to solve any of our patient’s medical flight challenges.

Air Ambulance Transportation is our Passion. We think outside the box by continuously improving ways to manage air transportation properly. Whether our clients require a flight for an ICU critical care patient transport or a routine schedule patient’s discharge going out of state or to another country, we are steadfastly patient-focused and customer-centered.

Worldwide coverage includes but is not limited to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbeans, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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Our clients include:

  • Patients and family members
  • Private pay individuals & institutions
  • Hospital social workers, discharge planners, and case managers
  • Medical centers, children’s hospitals, and burnt centers
  • Specialized clinics, medical & rehabilitation centers
  • Workers’ compensation management companies
  • International liaisons & medical concierge entities
  • Embassies & consulates
  • Repatriation organizations
  • International medical assistance organizations
  • Medical tourism & travel assistance
  • Travel insurance companies
  • Organ procurement and organ transplant organizations


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Fixed-wing worldwide air ambulance transportation with a Critical Care team on a medical ICU configured aircraft with FAA/EASA approved medical stretcher & full ACLS equipment & supplies.

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We arrange 24/7 Worldwide critical care air medical transportation for patients who need to be evacuated or repatriated to their country of origin via accredited fixed-wing MICU ambulance jets.
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For bedridden patients who are hemodynamically fit-to-fly on a commercial airline stretcher with two medical escorts from and to major airport hubs and gateways for international transport.

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Air medical transportation on a commercial flight for stable patients who can safely walk with a one-person assisting to a lavatory and be safely transported on a first-class or business class airline seat with a Medical Escort.

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Provided to patients that require continuous medical care, Air Medical Transport arranges the air and ground ambulance transportation from the origin location to the destination for seamless continuity of care.

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We arrange safe med flights on air ambulance jets for organ donors to the organ procurement organizations and the patient recipients to their transplantation facility.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When choosing Air Medical Transport, we guarantee that your loved ones shall be treated with the most compassionate care and extreme professionalism while receiving the best available service in a timely and efficient manner.

We treat every client like family. We ensure they are attended to and cared the way ours would. We are detailed oriented and strive for perfection in our services while continuously monitoring each process to ensure our client’s satisfaction on every transport mission.

When choosing a company, it is crucial to select an air medical transport service founded, directed, and managed by EMS & healthcare medical professionals with enough experience in the field to provide suitable options and arrange the correct solutions without delay. That is why at Air Medical Transport, Air Ambulance Transportation is Our Passion.

Contact our Aeromedical Coordinator Specialists 24/7 and discover the difference now!

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