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International Commercial Airline Stretcher Service

This service is for aeromedical transportation of patients on a commercial airline’s stretcher with critical care medical personnel. The specialized flight-trained medical crew can combine physicians, nurses, and paramedics based on the patient’s condition. This service is limited to international travel through the available different airline hubs. This mode of medical transport is much more economical than air ambulance transport.

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Propper pre-transport coordination, organization, and planning assist in maximizing results and minimizing risks. International commercial airline stretcher service requires significant planning and coordination. You can find this expertise at Air Medical Transport. We are highly experienced when arranging international stretcher services, having successfully completed hundreds of missions worldwide with airlines that offer stretcher service.

We provide clients with all available options based on the patient’s medical needs, requirements, and timing for each mission. We utilize the best-positioned international commercial airline carrier to minimize times and layovers. When traveling on a commercial airline, the family members or companions can book their commercial airline seats and airline-approved luggage and visit the patient during the commercial flight.

Air Medical Transport Commercial Stretcher


Our flight coordinator specialists will contact the client to gather the patient’s medical details upon booking. They will contact the sending physician to complete the required airline medical forms and fit-to-fly for approval. Once the airline receives the documentation, it may take them approximately from 3 to 5 business days to approve a case and confirm the acceptance for the booking.

Once the booking is accepted, the airline will install or modify their standard setup, taking from 6 to 12 seats, to allow having an FAA-approved commercial stretcher on board. Then our flight coordinator specialists will arrange the remaining details for the flight team and the bedside-to-bedside transports. We will keep everybody involved up to date with the transport status until the patient is safely delivered to the destination.


Patients with limited mobility or bedridden who do not need high flow oxygen and are certified fit-to-fly by their sending doctor for transport via commercial airline stretcher.

Each airline will have different restrictions on the type of equipment and amount of oxygen allowed on board by the medical escort team and require their medical forms to be fully completed to approve each case-by-case booking basis.

  • Domestic travel patients.
  • Patients that cannot be safely transported or do not fit on a standard size airline stretcher.
  • Patients who are not hemodynamically stable to safely support their entire transport journey.
  • Patients on isolation restrictions with anything contagious to the rest of the passengers.
  • Patients that may require invasive equipment restricted by the airline during flight.

At Air Medical Transport, we pride ourselves on offering our patients top-quality air ambulance and aeromedical flight transportation solutions. However, an extra level of care comes with a stretcher service. A pre-flight detailed assessment is a key to maximizing a safe and successful bedside-to-bedside mission. With two clinician medical escorts assigned as standard to each stretcher transport, the patient is kept properly monitored while being in good hands for the duration of the transport until their care is safely transferred to the destination. This service is a cost-effective solution for non-emergency transportation compared to the cost of an air ambulance. The patient receives compassionate, high-quality medical care without high costs.

When you select Air Medical Transport for international stretcher service, you can rest assured that all medical escort clinicians are held to the highest standards. Our mission is to properly and safely arrange each transport for our patients consistently with our core values and exceeding industry standards.

We arrange all the bed-to-bed air and ground logistics to ensure a seamless medical flight. Feel free to Contact our flight coordinator specialists for any questions, Request a Quote, or a Booking for international commercial stretcher transport ahead of time. Commercial stretcher transports depend on the airline’s space availability and medical flight approval. Therefore, we suggest as much notice as possible to arrange each transport appropriately and on time.

Our commercial stretcher flight coordinators are available 24/7 to assist with any questions and book aeromedical flights. Feel free to reach us to verify if the patient qualifies for a commercial stretcher and obtain a free quote.


What are International Commercial Stretcher Services?

International Commercial Stretcher Services is a medical transportation service that provides safe and comfortable transportation for patients unable to sit upright during a commercial flight. Our services are provided on commercial airlines and are staffed by a team of medical professionals.

Who needs International Commercial Stretcher Services?

Our International Commercial Stretcher Services are often required for patients unable to sit upright during a commercial flight due to a medical condition or injury. These patients may include individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury, have a medical condition that requires lying flat, or have recently undergone surgery.

How do International Commercial Stretcher Services work?

International Commercial Stretcher Services involve using a medical stretcher secured to the aircraft’s seat tracks. Two medical escorts, composed of doctors, nurses, or paramedics, accompany the patient during transport and provide medical care throughout the flight.

Does insurance cover International Commercial Stretcher Services?

Few insurance plans cover International Commercial Stretcher Services. However, checking with your insurance provider to determine what is covered is essential. The cost and availability of the service can vary depending on the destination and the flight length.

How do I request International Commercial Stretcher Services?

International Commercial Stretcher Services can be requested by contacting us. Our team will work with you to coordinate the transport, including obtaining the airline’s approval and arranging the necessary medical staff, equipment, commercial flight, and ambulance transportation.

How long does it take to arrange International Commercial Stretcher Services?

The time to arrange International Commercial Stretcher Services can vary from 72hrs to a week depending on the location, routes available, and the patient’s condition. Based on the airline’s approval and availability, our team coordinates the transport as quickly and efficiently as possible while ensuring that all necessary medical precautions are taken.