Air Medical Transport-Our Process

Our Air Ambulance Transportation Procss

We’re here to ease the air ambulance transportation process for you and schedule transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scheduling aeromedical transportation can be extremely stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. That is why Air Medical Transport focuses on making air ambulance transportation arrangements easy. Air Medical Transport makes it practical to request a quote, pay, and schedule your domestic or international air ambulance transports. We offer options for secure communications and convenience via phone, text, WhatsApp, email, and online.

Our Process for Quote & Booking Request:

  • Step 1. Request a Quote: Provide the general details to obtain a fixed-wing air ambulance transport estimate.
  • Step 2. Agree & Pay for Transport: Once you’ve received a quote, pay for your air ambulance transport, sign, and agree to the terms & conditions.
  • Step 3. Booking Request: Submit our Booking Details form with the specific information and documentation for your air ambulance transport to be programmed and coordinated appropriately. Once you’ve paid and confirmed your trip, a dedicated air ambulance coordinator specialist will keep you updated via your preferred means of communication.

Once your booking request has been verified, approved, and scheduled, your aeromedical flight coordinator will provide you with a Programmed Flight Itinerary and closely update everybody involved on the air ambulance transport progress.

Air Medical Transport - Our Process

Air Ambulance Experience + Precise Communications + Worldwide Network Alliance = Better Transport Results

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When you request a quote, an air ambulance specialist will carefully listen to your needs and requirements to guide you and provide an air ambulance transport estimate based on your specific case. Along with our quote, you will receive our Booking Details form, which will outline the information and documentation needed at the time of booking.

Our professional and courteous air ambulance coordinators will follow through and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the entire process, from the patient’s fit-to-fly verification to the flight operations and logistics.

We always strive to provide the most competitive price for each case. If our quote is not competitive, let our flight coordinator know. We will try our best to match anybody else’s rate for a comparable service.

Once you agree with a quote, arrange payment for your transport, and sign and agree to our terms & conditions, all we need is the completed Booking Details form with the specific information and documentation for your air ambulance transport to be programmed and coordinated appropriately. Our Booking Request, including the required documentation, can be filled and submitted electronically through our website. Or you can also send the same form and documentation via email, phone, or text.

Once we receive the completed information, our flight coordinator will promptly work to reserve the aircraft and the team for your trip. We will carefully monitor all details, keep you informed of the status of your case, and confirm the booking by providing you with a programmed flight itinerary. Our flight coordinator will keep everybody involved, including the sending and receiving facilities, and closely updated on the transport progress.

For our client’s convenience, our Request a QuotePay Online & Request a Booking can also be submitted entirely and securely via our website.


All Air Medical Transport solutions are provided globally as per availability at the time of booking. Each case is subject to aircraft availability, flight team, overflight clearances, confirmation that the patient is Fit-to-Fly, destination bed acceptance, and weather safety clearances. We recommend providing your booking details, documentation, and confirmation with as much anticipation as possible to allow us to confirm the availability necessary and program appropriately for the date and time of transport.

We are here to ease the bed-to-bed air medical transportation process for patients’ loved ones, the medical facilities, and the agencies involved.

We use effective communication to prevent mistakes and save time and unnecessary expenses. We strive to perform each task to the best of our abilities while offering practical service solutions with professional, experienced, and reliable air ambulance quality services.