Air Medical Transport pay online


Online payments are for air ambulance transports where insurance is not a covered option, deemed not medically necessary, is not going to a higher level of care, closest available facility, or closest specialist by the most appropriate and least expensive mode of transport. Or when due to time restrictions, the insurance cannot provide a preauthorization with a written letter of full payment guarantee. 

Then, to book an air ambulance transport, payment will need to be received on account at the time of booking. After an air ambulance transport, if a client’s trip is deemed necessary and covered by an insurance policy, our billing specialists will protect their rights to air ambulance benefits and assist clients through our Insurance Reimbursement Program.

Payment can be arranged via a domestic or international bank wire, domestic ACH, or credit card. Payments set by credit card will incur a 4% credit card merchant fee.

At first, your credit card is only pre-authorized when you use our credit card online feature. After your booking request is approved, you will either confirm the payment with your credit card preauthorization, including the merchant fee, or you can use that credit card hold as a guarantee until the next business day, when you can submit a bank wire to us. Once the bank wire payment is credited to our account, we will immediately void the credit card hold. You will save on not having to pay the merchant fee. If for any reason, the bank wire is not received within three business days; then the credit card will be charged for the amount guaranteed on hold.

Suppose a credit card hold is needed on multiple credit cards due to the available credit card limit. In that case, you can repeat the same process per credit card while keeping the same trip reference number on each one. Our air ambulance coordinators can do that for you over our secure phone line.

Most credit card companies have an automatic security limit set per transaction to avoid unprogrammed large unauthorized transactions. Therefore, before arranging a preauthorization via credit card, we always suggest calling your credit card institution and letting them know you plan to preauthorize the total amount quoted with us based on your credit limit. This process will prevent your transaction been automatically flagged and declined due to an unauthorized amount and you having to call your credit card company afterward.

Our flight coordinators will be happy to assist you 24/7 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the air medical quotes, payment, and booking process. 

bank wire icon

Via bank wire: The wire and ACH instructions are specified on the first page lower-left corner of every one of our quotes.

For domestic U.S. bank wires, as a reference depending on each bank, if a wire is sent early morning before noon, it is usually received the same day.

International bank wires icon

International bank wires can take 48 to 72 hours. However, times vary based on several factors, such as the correspondent banking network. They typically may pass between several different intermediary banks.

Domestic ACH transfers icon

Domestic ACH transfers can take 2 to 4 business days. This is because it takes time for a bank to send the ACH request, verify that there are enough funds in the account, then wait for the receiving financial institution to accept the request. This process usually takes 48 hours, at the minimum.

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Via credit card: To ensure that every credit card transaction is processed securely and safely, we use a Level 1 PCI Complaint payment gateway.

Our pay online via credit card is an individually encrypted secure payment form directly through our payment gateway. If you want to read more about their safety, security, and protection, please see here.

All credit cards accepted for payment include American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

It is very typical for booking requests to happen 24/7 during non-banking hours or weekends. If your booking request is needed right away before a bank wire can be arranged and received on our account, we can hold a credit card to reserve your flight. A credit card hold will be done on one or multiple credit cards, as needed for the amount quoted, plus a 4% merchant fee. The entire amount is then reserved and held for up to 3 business days until a bank wire payment is received in full. Then the credit card hold is voided and released, saving the client from paying the extra 4% merchant fee.

When completing the secure payment form, please fill out all the necessary fields that apply to you. Before submitting it, please double-check that all the information is correct. Check if your information matches your documents and that the information we provided, including our quote reference number, matches. This step will prevent any mishaps that can delay the payment from happening.

If you need help paying online or want to provide payment information through our secure phone line, feel free to call us anytime, our air ambulance coordinator specialists will be happy to assist you or your team.