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Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services are available for a fee almost anywhere in the world, as long as there is a safe airport runway. The decision to transport a patient by air is based on their fitness to fly and the availability of resources at the time of booking.

The cost of air ambulance services is determined by several logistical factors, such as the distance to be covered, fuel costs, the number of pilots and medical personnel required, landing fees, ground transportation, medical supplies, and other relevant factors.

To get immediate quotes for air ambulance services 24/7, contact our transportation specialists at +1 (832) 872-2222 or toll-free from the USA and Canada at (800) 872-6667


Whether you or your loved one needs a critical care fixed-wing air ambulance, a MEDEVAC – AIR EVAC air medical repatriation, organ transport, commercial stretcher, or an air medical escort, Air Medical Transport is here to assist you and your team!

Unfortunately for many patients, their healthcare options are not available to the same extent worldwide. The best possible specialized treatment may not be available in many remote and critical regions. Often, a long course illness may require an international transfer to another hospital or specialized medical center to ensure the best possible treatment.

Air Medical Transport is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We arrange hundreds of fixed-wing air ambulance and air medical flights worldwide to bring patients home safely.

Each situation requires rapid and accurate assistance, whether critical care transport services for relocation purposes or foreign air medical repatriation from a remote area.

We are by your side with air medical transportation options worldwide. For this purpose, Air Medical Transportwith its Worldwide Network Alliance, offers medically configured fixed-wing air ambulance services operated by DOT, EASA, and FAA Part 135 accredited and licensed air carriers. Based on the patient’s condition, each medical team’s configuration can consist of trained intensive care physicians, critical care flight nurses, flight paramedics, and specialists to provide our clients with the optimum transport care before, during, and after each flight until the hospital admission.

Ambulance USA High Performance Coordination Capabilities


We prioritize a seamless workflow to ensure fast and secure air ambulance transportation. Whether the air ambulance transport is international or domestic, our clients can depend on our expertise and resources no matter the distance.

Our services include safe air ambulance transportation, bed-to-bed service, and comprehensive coordination support.

For more information about our workflow and booking process, please visit our Resources Page, where you can find specific details about our Process and what information and documentation are needed to send your Booking Request.



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Worldwide fixed-wing air ambulance transportation with a Critical Care team on a medical ICU configured aircraft with FAA approved medical stretcher & full ACLS equipment & supplies.

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We arrange 24/7 Worldwide critical care air ambulance transportation for patients who need to be evacuated or repatriated to their country of origin via accredited fixed-wing MICU jet ambulances.

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We arrange domestic and international air ambulance transportation for all types of special population patients, from pregnant women to neonates, pediatric, bariatric, and geriatric patients. Each unique population has individual needs and considerations that differ from each other and require specialized trained professionals.
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For bedridden patients who are hemodynamically fit-to-fly on a commercial airline stretcher with two medical escorts from and to major airport hubs and gateways for international transport.

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Air medical transportation on a commercial flight for stable patients who can safely walk with a one-person assisting to a lavatory and be safely transported on a first-class or business class airline seat with a Medical Escort.

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We arrange air ambulance transportation for patients with immune disorders and physical or mental impairments impacting their major life activities, such as walking, interacting, or breathing. Special needs patients include but are not limited to those with disabilities going to specialized rehab, neuro & spine, burnt patients going to specialized burnt centers, and patients with rare diseases.

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24/7 Domestic & International air ambulance, with bedside-to-bedside transportation for critical and non-critical patients. For a free quote, please call 1 800 872 6667 or +1 (832) 872-2222

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We arrange safe med flights on air ambulance jets for organ donors to the organ procurement organizations and the patient recipients to their transplantation facility.
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