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About Your Trusted Air Ambulance Company

Air Medical Transport, a subsidiary of Ambulance USA LLC, is a Transportation Management Organization (TMO) whose leadership has over 20 years of hands-on experience in air ambulance transportation and patient logistics worldwide. We have directed, supervised, planned, and coordinated thousands of patient medical transports on six continents.

We offer comprehensive air ambulance options, including critical care fixed-wing air ambulance, international MEDEVAC – AIREVAC repatriations, and in-flight medical escorts with bed-to-bed service. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that we’ll arrange, program, and coordinate all aspects of aeromedical domestic and international patient logistics.


Our experience and reputation have allowed us to handle the most critical and delicate domestic and international air ambulance transportation cases.

Air Medical Transport combines our experience with our passion for helping others receive efficient, quality service. 

When choosing an air ambulance transportation service, selecting one founded, directed, and managed by experienced EMS and healthcare medical professionals is crucial. Our leadership team has over 20 years of hands-on experience in air ambulance, ground ambulance, and international patient logistics, ensuring suitable options and correct solutions are arranged without delay, putting patients and loved ones in good hands.

We are a Global Transportation Management Organization with the experience to offer practical, effective air ambulance transportation solutions. Our air ambulance transportation specialists have the skills and expertise to help our clients comfortably make each air ambulance transfer successful. We are relentless in turning hard work and inspiration into well-managed patient transportation.

Our clients value our performance and our attention to detail. We pledge to provide efficient aeromedical transportation services while exceeding our client’s expectations and saving them precious time and money. We believe in working together while helping each other and understanding that we can fail or succeed together as a team.

We focus on growing our presence to become the premier Worldwide Air Ambulance Transport Management Service. Our honor is always to serve our clients with honesty, transparency, and strong ethical principles. 

We promise to provide each client with the best customer experience. Our Air Ambulance Transportation Specialists are trained to assess our clients’ circumstances with precise and immediate resolutions in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Customer satisfaction through service excellence is our goal. We strive to listen to and understand each client’s unique needs and circumstances to deliver air ambulance transportation solutions that exceed their expectations.

We love what we do. Our passion is to make a difference in our industry for our clients, their patients, and their loved ones. That’s why Air Ambulance Transportation is Our Passion.

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To serve our clients high-quality, cost-effective air ambulance transportation solutions worldwide that deliver the best value to the people we do.

Air Medical Transport Air Ambulance Transportation is Our Passion


We demonstrate transparency in all we say and do.

We are honored to serve you


We cherish our clients and patients to find the best air ambulance transportation solutions to their needs. No matter their circumstance.

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We embrace every individual as a person of worth, dignity, and value.

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Our service can only be accomplished with excellence, hard work, and team effort, thanks to our Network Allied partners, certified operators, and providers worldwide.

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We constantly strive to be the best at what we do and a model for others to emulate.


Air Medical Transport serves clients worldwide in every area with safe access to public airport runways. We continuously increase our qualified provider’s network areas within six continents for international coverage in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, South America, Western Europe, the UK, Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We are thrilled to be a part of the air ambulance industry!

For air medical transportation cases, our Multilingual air ambulance transportation specialists and on-demand professional translators can assist our clients’ teams in communicating directly with hospitals, patient’s families, and local authorities in up to 200 languages, using over-the-phone and remote video interpretation.

We are more than a provider of air ambulance solutions; We are a team of passionate, experienced air ambulance transport specialists.

Our team understands the sense of urgency with every call and can solve our client’s air ambulance transportation needs.

Air Medical Transport Team


Air Medical Transport offers comprehensive air ambulance transport that includes the assistance of experienced liaison air ambulance coordinators. These professionals are dedicated to minimizing potential risks and ensuring efficient clinical communication throughout each case.

Our air ambulance transport specialists are committed to keeping all parties well-informed from the start of the process until the transport completion, ensuring seamless bedside-to-bedside medical care.

At Air Medical Transport, we take a compassionate approach and prioritize understanding our client’s perspectives to facilitate a smooth and stress-free experience for our patients and their loved ones.

Air Medical Transport About Us


Our customers include domestic and international medical centers, private pay individuals & institutions, hospitals, acute clinical centers, rehabilitation centers, worker’s compensation management companies, international liaisons, medical concierges, embassies and consulates, repatriation organizations, global medical assistance organizations, medical tourism, travel insurance & assistance, healthcare provider industries, hospital social workers, discharge planners, case managers, organ procurement, and organ transplant organizations.


Clients notice the difference from the first moment they call Air Medical Transport! Clients are greeted by experienced air ambulance transportation specialists who genuinely listen to their unique needs and concerns.

We take pride in our ability to expertly navigate even the most complex EMS situations precisely and efficiently. Our clients can trust that they will receive the assistance they need from our team right from the start.

Contact one of our Flight Coordinator Specialists today to experience exceptional air ambulance transportation and make Air Medical Transport your trusted air ambulance solutions provider.

Our Commitment Ambulance Transportation is Our Passion


Air Medical Transport is committed to listening to our customer’s needs and concerns. We believe in effective communication to prevent errors and save time and unnecessary spending. We strive to perform each task to the best of our abilities and provide practical service solutions with an experience that is not only efficient and professional but enjoyable.

At Air Medical Transport, we know how difficult it can be to find a quality air ambulance transportation service that genuinely understands your needs. That’s why we prioritize compassion in all of our interactions with clients, from the initial communication to the completion of the transport. Our team is here to assist you through every step of your journey.

Air Medical Transport is dedicated to making a difference in our industry for our clients, patients, and loved ones. We love and take pride in what we do. That is why Air Ambulance Transportation is Our Passion.

Contact our Air Ambulance Transport Specialists 24/7 and discover the difference with Air Medical Transport.